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Request for Help with Judge Recruitment for the 2021 Jessup Global Rounds

Dear 2021 Jessup Admins:

We’re excited to be hosting the 2021 Global Rounds, the largest virtual moot court competition in the world. As you know, the Executive Office will not only be organizing the oral rounds of the Global Rounds but also overseeing the grading of *all* memorials this year - including for any national rounds where they are taking place. A competition of this size requires a lot of qualified judges for memorial grading and oral rounds. 

We know that many of you have a talented community of judges for your National Rounds -- and we,d like to invite many of them to participate in the Global Rounds this year. Even where National Rounds are not taking place, we hope that you will spread word to your national contacts that they can still participate in the Jessup this year. 

We ask that you share our invitation to apply to serve as a 2021 Global Rounds Judge. We’ve included some sample text below. Please feel free to modify it as necessary and share via email, list-serves, social media, or other platforms with your Jessup friends and contacts.

Thank you so much for your cooperation and assistance!


The 2021 Global Rounds of the Jessup Competition will bring together thousands of law students and legal professionals for the largest virtual moot court competition in the world. More than 650 teams from 94 countries are registered to compete! We will need many incredible volunteer Judges to help make this huge, international competition a success. 

We are actively recruiting both written memorial judges and judges for the virtual oral rounds (9 March - 17 April 2021)l. If you are interested in serving as either a memorial or an oral rounds judge, please visit our website to register. This is an amazing opportunity to meet and interact with law students and international legal practitioners from all over the world! 

  • Returning Judges: If you created a judge profile on our system last year, you do not need to re-register. You may use the same username and password to log-in to your Judge Homepage and update your profile. Forgot your password? Use the "Lost your Password?" link under the log-in form. Due to the different format of the Jessup 2021 Competition, we have added new questions to your judge profile. Please log-in and complete any unanswered questions on your profile. Judges that do not update their profile may not be considered for oral round or memorial judging at the 2021 Global Rounds. 
  • New Judges: Thank you for your interest in judging the Jessup! The registration process is quick and easy: register here! Once you have completed the initial registration form, you will have access to your Judge Homepage. From the homepage, you will be able to fill out your 2021 Judging Preferences, edit your profile, and access resources for judges throughout the Jessup Season.

The ILSA Executive Office will review all applications and will confirm judges on a rolling basis. Individuals confirmed to judge memorials and/or oral rounds will receive more information and training. 

Memorials will be available to judge beginning on 10 January 2021 -- so please register soon! We strongly encourage all judges to grade some memorials.

The oral phase of the Competition will begin in mid-March and go through mid-April. Since we have teams from more than 90 countries, we will have rounds taking place almost 24 hours a day. Judges will be able to indicate their timezone and provide their availability for scheduling. 

ILSA/Jessup Competition


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